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A9 Club Zy. Special Long Interview Part 4 of 4

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Be it 'Phoenix' or all other songs in our upcoming mini album 'ginga no oto', as each one of us play them without any hesitation, I'm pretty sure the listener will be able to imagine us singing and performing the songs.

Q: Hiroto-san, what do you think of 'Phoenix', which has its PV made as well?
Hiroto: We feel that it's a song in which you can see the expression of the ones performing it. In recent years, maybe it's due to the technological advances, but I feel that now there are more and more songs in which you can't feel the people performing them. And now that I talk about it, maybe we were also on the verge of doing it. But, be it 'Phoenix' or all other songs in our upcoming mini album 'ginga no oto', as each one of us play them without any hesitation, I'm pretty sure the listener will be able to imagine us singing and performing the songs. The more they know about Alice Nine, I guess the better their imagination of us singing and performing the songs as well? But, I think it's because not only us, but everyone involved in the making also work in the same direction.

Q: The lyric of 'Phoenix' is exactly about your resolution and determination towards the future.
Show: I wrote the lyric of 'Phoenix' to convey the real feelings of the current us. Even though we stopped our activities once, we are once again facing the direction of the light and moving forward. I think those feelings are conveyed through 'Phoenix', and also reflected on the creature called phoenix.

Won't Nao-san shout when performing 'ryuuseigun' live?

Q: In 'ryuuseigun', which is included in 'ginga no oto', when listening to the shout in the beginning of the song, I feel excited and happy.
Show: In this song, rather than conveying something, it's more of a story. I incorporated the story-like feeling and took it easy when writing the lyric. The story is a bit sad but it has a fantasy feel to it... that kind of portrayal.

Q: I get excited when listening to the shout in the beginning of the song.
Show: I'm sure in our live performances, Nao-san will...
Nao: Eh?!
Show: No, it's nothing (laughs).

Q: The one composing this song is Tora-san.
Tora: In the end, it's like everyone took part in finishing the song. The 'wowowow' part in the beginning of the song wasn't there at first. But, the song evolved as everyone put their strength and ideas to it. 

Q: I can imagine everyone shouting the beginning part of the song in your live performances.
Tora: We will embark on a tour after releasing 'ginga no oto', so I wonder if everyone will feel the sense of unity, not only in 'ryuuseigun' but in other songs as well.

Q: Nao-san, how did you perceive this mini album?
Nao: In this mini album, strangely I didn't pull any tricks and could concentrate on my drums, and that made me happy. 'ryuuseigun' is a four-to-the-floor type of song, and I played the drums a bit playfully.

Q: Saga-san, how do you feel about the mini album?
Saga: In this mini album, we made each and every songs while thinking, "How would this song be reflected in our live performances?" Unlike an album, each and every song in this mini album had undergone strict selection, and so they all have strong sense of presence and value, and people will be able to imagine the scene when this songs are performed live. That's what I feel.
Nao: Through 'ginga no oto'...
Saga: Through the 6 songs (in ginga no oto), we want to show the new Alice Nine. I'm sure, when performing 'ryuuseigun' live, Nao-san will shout.
Nao: Eh?! I won't
Saga: You will stand up and shout, won't you? I think you will shout while standing and kicking on the drum pedal.
Hiroto: And do start the count while shouting.
Tora: And keep shouting while playing the drums.
Nao: Eh? Are you setting me up?
Saga: In our live performance, during 'ryuuseigun', Nao-san's shout may echo throughout the venue.

Q: Whether he really shouts or not is something to be looked forward to.
Saga: Maybe Nao-san will shine in our live performances.
Nao: You guys are setting me up... (towards the readers) you people, do let me shine!!

Q: How do you feel about 'ginga no oto', Hiroto-san?
Hiroto: At this time (when the interview took place), we have finished 4 songs and have started working on the last 2. When listening to the finished songs, it feels as if we went back to our inception, to the time when we started the band. There is a lot of energy and dazzling feeling in it. Even I myself am excited, like "When all 6 songs are done, won't this be a mini album with awesome sounds packed in it?"
Even then, it doesn't just dazzle, but it also has our 10 years worth of musicianship condensed into it. That's why I want to perform these songs live as soon as possible. Speaking about 'ryuuseigun', I got the impression of 'going on a journey'. The scenery I saw during both our international and Japan tour. In the future we also want to do international tour. I want to meet and play our music to the people who wish for us and want to meet us, not only in Japan. I think (ryuuseigun) is the song form of that feeling.

Just as we want to change the flow of this era, I think Alice Nine will keep challenging new things. I want us to see the same dream, so do come on board together.

Q: When this article is out, I guess both you yourselves and your fans would be excited for the day of your comeback.
Show: I think so. I'm already so excited, I can't control that feeling.

Q: At present, you have announced the dates for your nationwide tour. After that I guess there will be new developments.
Show: We have finalised our plans for this year already. Since we had made people anxiously waiting for us, in order for us to fill that gap, we want to push forward even more. That's why, don't let your eyes off of us.

Q: Then, lastly, let's finish this interview by giving your messages.
Tora: We will move forward while not betraying the expectation of this being our 11th year, and whenever we find interesting things that nobody else seems to be doing, we will try them. So everyone, do look forward to it.
Nao: We will show the us who had made up our mind. And I'll be happy if people can feel something from it.
Saga: We're recruiting fan club members.
Nao: Ah, that is important!!
Show: We are a band which really can make people anxious. From now on, in a good way we want to share excitement with everyone. Let's see a good dream together. Do take care of us!!

Translated by Val.

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