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DIAWOLF Gekirock May 2015 Show Interview (part 2 of 2)

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Q: Do you have some kind of band image that you aim for?
Show: I don't have a specific image like, I want to be this kind of band. I simply want to make music that I wanted to make in my 10s. That was the only image I had.

Q: Can you be more specific?
Show: I want to cherish the "gyaaahhh" feeling I had when seeing yamaarashi or BRAHMAN.

Q: Rather than a certain kind of music sense, you want to make music that you can lose yourself into, I guess?
Show: Yeah, it's the passion. Internet has developed so much, and this world has become something where it seems like we can say anything but it's actually difficult to say things. And I want to let all those feelings out in livehouses. A place where people can become themselves... First of all we will let out our true feelings, so I hope everyone can let their feelings out together with us.

Q: I'm changing the topic, but has the experienced you learned so far in your band been reflected in DIAWOLF as well?
Show: Hmmm.. I take care so that the melody doesn't become too western. If I want to make something that is loud and cool, it has this tendency of sounding western. So I use many chord progressions that are characteristics of Japanese people, and Japanese ballad bass. But if I calculate it too much, I will end up straying away from the original concept, so it's difficult to make the balance (laughs). Before, we've had the chance to perform in Los Angeles and Germany. And in Los Angeles in particular, when we played only heavy songs, the audience became silent, but when we played pop-ish song in the end, they all got very excited. Seeing that, I came to think that there are things that I can do because I'm a Japanese, and I think in this regard it's good to be an all-rounder.

Q: I understand. What is the concept of DIAWOLF itself?
Show: At first we wanted to do it secretly. Then, as to why I chose to make the music that I got hooked into in my 10s now, "When thinking about when I die, I don't want to leave any regrets behind", that was my incentive for making this kind of music. I had this feeling of looking for a place to die, a place to bury my bones. Personally, I have this image that a wolf is a lonely creature, and even if it's wounded it will die alone. I have this image of looking for a place where I can burn myself out.

Q: I see.
Show: I think it's important to think about the end. It's easy to get answers when you wonder to yourself. A9 also had overcome a time when we were at a crossroad whether to disband or not, and continued this far. It's not often that I think about the end, but it might become a habit.

Q: Did you originally have this way of thinking?
Show: Aah, how to say. When I thought I would die when I turn 27, I didn't die. I thought, aah, in the end I'm just an ordinary person (laughs).

Q: Did you think that you might die when you were 27?
Show: I really like Kurt Cobain from NIRVANA.... well this is a joke. But anyway, I don't want to die, while being like, "I actually wanted to do this!" Simple as that.

Q: As you actually go out and do things, is there anything that changed from the concept?
Show: When I thought of throwing out everything I wanted to do, there's already a ripe scene for it, so I thought about how to stick out. It's uncool to just jump on the bandwagon, isn't it. I think, in the future it will be a gamble to create our own scene. No matter what you think about when you do something, there will be opinions from other people. So it's about how to have that in mind and be different. I want to make a scene that is unique for us.

Q: Do you have any plans for the future?
Show: I originally have this feeling of wanting to give a live performance abroad. Although, since the Japanese scene is already ripe, there are also people who don't want to go abroad. Having pride in our own country, with an objective feeling, we want to express the beauty of Japanese music to people abroad. We will do it first, and I will be happy if there are people who see us and think it's interesting and follow our footsteps. 

Q: By the way, who are the vocalists whom you get influence from?
Show: hyde-san (L'Arc-en-Ciel) and Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK). And, for way of life, it's TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN).

Q: For way of life, it's TOSHI-LOW-san?
Show: Yes. I'm serious. I've only met him once, and I told him, "I really like you!" It was crazy (laughs). I like the way hyde-san's visual aspects and the way he shows himself, and I like how Chester uses his throat, and I respect him as a vocalist. As for TOSHI-LOW-san, I'm really attracted by his approach of turning something gloomy into a bang. I want to be that kind of artist. In his songs he sings as if he's crying, he sings as if he's grateful for everything...  it's a personal opinion as a fan, but a baby's crying is like an explosion of feelings, isn't it? I don't know if that imagery can be applied to TOSHI-LOW-san, but I think he sings and express things as if he lets out the things that are there from deep within him. That is my ideal as a vocalist on a stage. I want to shed all of my shells and show my true self.

Translated by Val. Original interview here.  

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