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DIAWOLF GEKIROCK May 2015 Show Interview (part 1 of 2)

Part 1 | 2

A project to relive the agitation in their 10s, DIAWOLF!

Q: DIAWOLF, a project by SHOW (OHARA / Vo) and TORA (AMANO / Gt) will release an EP in July. SHOW-san, first tell us about your musical roots, as well as the concept of this project. What made you think of starting it?
Show: Around 3 years ago, I said to TORA, let's do something together. 12 years ago, the first band I was in was a SLIPKNOT cover band, and we put on make up while performing. And from there, we wanted to form an even heavier band, which resulted in our band before Alice Nine (A9). That time, there was an increase in bands which takes heavy shout approach, and we didn't want to jump on the bandwagon. As a result, we formed A9, an all-rounder band. And somehow, I just thought, I want to make music which I liked in my 10s! And now, I think I'm able to do it. So I just wanted to make a place where I can make music which I purely wanted to make in my 10s, without thinking about anything else. That's how it started.

Q: And that led to the formation of DIAWOLF
Show: Yes. I don't really care about whether I will be recognised by other people, I just want to make a place where I can simply enjoy. And that place is this project called DIAWOLF.

Q: Your main reason is very pure, isn't it.
Show: I think so. In my generation, in middle school Visual Kei was very popular, and originally I like Luna Sea. J-san recommended KORN so I started listening to them as well, and from there I started listening to MUDVAYNE, STAIND, and at the same time THE PRODIGY and NINE INCH NAILS, and later on I started listening to yamaarashi and BRAHMAN.

Q: yamaarashi and BRAHMAN?
Show: When yamaarashi appeared on Music Station I was like "Gyaaaaahhh" in front of the tv.

Q: They appeared on Music Station twice that time.
Show: In my generation that kind of music was the mainstream, so it was only natural. Even though the genre is different from the one I'm doing, I'm also listening to bands like coldrain or Crossfaith. Seeing that, I was like, oh so there's already a ripe scene there, or like, it's already hyped up. Although there was a time when heavy song music slowed down, but I think the genes were properly passed on. And so, without any marketing TORA and I composed some songs, and made a demo tape. That was DIAWOLF's first step.

Q: Does TORA-san share the same musical taste?
Show: It's similar. TORA is also someone who doesn't insist on his own ideas. He doesn't have that many friends in Visual Kei, and goes out to drink with folks from MAN WITH A MISSION, or Crystal Lake.

Q: Do the two of you often talk about the musical direction of DIAWOLF and such?
Show: We don't hold meetings that much. And so, for now rather than 2-3 songs, we're releasing 5 songs in an EP. I composed 3 songs, while TORA composed 2. Then I thought, what should I do with it, so we decided to make some kind of showcase for 3 consecutive times in Shibuya, and perform the songs live while inviting TORA's friends bands. It was different, and new.

Q: Until now you've given 2 of such performances. Don't you feel worried in giving live performances before releasing your songs?
Show: It feels natural for the ones performing. Even though it's only the 2 of us, it's also a band. And for a band, it's natural to give live performances before releasing something. That's why, I guess it's just normal. But, even as DIAWOLF among people who come to our performances there are are people who already knew of us. Among the people who had been following our activities, they might go "?" when they see us performing without releasing anything first, so it's about how to incite them. We have to work hard on that.

Q: How do you feel after performing DIAWOLF's songs live?
Show: I think I was able to convey, "I want to make this kind of music". Last year, with A9 we also toured overseas; the audience were honest about the beat. I want to break away from genres, and I think that has started to be conveyed there. And I felt it even more after in our 2nd performance. Although, in the beginning I thought of doing it without getting exposed (laughs).

Q: Eh, really?
Show: But I thought it was improper. If I make a new project, I have the responsibility to convey it properly. Of course I got both positive and negative reactions from it, but I accept all of them.

Q: You have told us about your musical roots. What kind of music does DIAWOLF want to make?
Show: Since TORA said, "I want to include DJ", so we asked someone to do the arrangement. Because we stopped at wanting to make the music we listened as children. Even though I listen to newly-released records... for example, even if I listen to ISSUES I don't really feel anything new from it. In DIAWOLF we just simply do the things we want to do, and it doesn't matter whether it will be accepted or not. Personally I aimed to make something oldish, but some people say, "REBELLION sounds like current music", and I guess it's the effect of the DJ.

Translated by Val. Original intervew here

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