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The GazettE Club Zy. personal long interview: REITA (part 3 of 4)

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I think it'll be good if I have a lifetime like "I died while still being a the GazettE member".

Q: The '13TH ANNIVERSARY [13-THIRTEEN]' live performance that you gave at Nippon Budokan on March 10th was the starting point of 'DOGMA'.
REITA: At first, since it it was our 13th year, we wanted to make it anniversary-like. But as 'DOGMA' took shape, somehow we started thinking, "This is not the right time for a joyous event". And since then, we changed our thinking to, "Let's show 'the next the GazettE' at Nippon Budokan".

Q: That time, the songs in 'DOGMA' have started to take shape.
REITA: We have decided on the track list then. It's like, all of us were completely in 'DOGMA'- making mode, and that's why we couldn't bring ourselves to break away from that mode and changed into "joyful festival" mode.

Q: And because of that, you thought of incorporating 'DOGMA' there.
REITA: That's right. Even then, we still had the responsibility of giving a '13th year anniversary', so we had to respond to that. It was quite difficult to make the setlist.

Q: Isn't '13' a number that symbolises the GazettE?
REITA: It's a number that suits us. And that's why we wanted to make a good use of it. Maybe it's cheesy, but isn't "the 13th year is the GazettE's year"?

Q: That might be right, since you neither choose 10th or 15th year.
REITA: the GazettE did hold an anniversary-like thing on our 10th year. It had only been 3 years since then, and there's no meaning in doing similar thing. If we want to do a similar thing in the future, I think 20th year will be a good time.

Q: You don't have particular attachment for your 15th year.
REITA: Actually we're not the kind of band which prepare special things to celebrate our inception or anniversary. And (that kind of celebration) isn't something that we take initiatives in doing. And actually, in our everyday conversation, among the members we never talk about "Ah, we've been doing this for this long". We only look at our present and future. Personally, I think it'll be good if I have a lifetime like "I died while still being a the GazettE member".

It's as if I get hives just by thinking "Tomorrow we'll give a live performance". Every time, I want to give a live performance so intense and rigorous that the moment it's over, I would think "I'm going to quit this band".

Q: As mentioned earlier, your live performance at Nippon Budokan had a content which is linked to 'DOGMA',
REITA: Since around that time, we had thought about how to make the world of 'DOGMA' easy to grasp on live performances, so we didn't do any difficult things.

Q: However, only limited number of people could experience that Nippon Budokan performance. Even though you can feel the atmosphere if you watch the documentary video available on 'DOGMA' special limited edition, since you have no plan to make the complete thing into a video, other people won't be able to see it.
REITA: Well, that's true (laughs). Regarding 'DOGMA', there may be people who are like "I don't like this kind of the GazettE". But, since it's "one answer of the current the GazettE", we don't really care about what people say. Rather, we are sending a message, like "We are this kind of band, so we won't ever change our attitude"

Q: Don't you think the songs in 'DOGMA' will be well-translated into live performances?
REITA: If possible, we had wanted to go on a tour to perform these songs once before we started the recording. That shows how much sense of presence these songs have. But well, since we have chosen to be in an environment where the material has to be there first, we want our fans to first remember the song with their mind and body, and then relieve all their stress at once in our tour.

Q: But if possible, you wanted to take live performance as your top priority.
REITA: We have that kind of thing in mind. I think, a song is something that is perfected only through live performances. When it was still in recorded state, it is just 'born'. And to 'raise' that song, a live performance, sharing space and time with the audience is required. How the song will turn out will depend on the people who 'raise' it together. Even we don't know how a song will evolve unless we bring to our live performance once. 
 However, among the songs in 'DOGMA', there are many which are difficult to reproduce in live performances, so it's difficult for us. And because these songs consume quite a lot of energy, I want the people who come to our live performances to eat something beforehand (laughs).

Q: No matter how intense it is, your fans will use all their energy to go crazy until they become dead tired, so I think they would be okay.
REITA: Rather, it's us who stand on the stage who would feel like dying.... I think (laughs). But we always want to give a live performance which will make us think, "I'm going to die". It's as if I get hives just by thinking "Tomorrow we'll give a live performance". Every time, I want to give a live performance so intense and rigorous that the moment it's over, I would think "I'm going to quit this band".

Q: You definitely won't give a lukewarm performance.
REITA: Of course. The reason being, live performance is the only place where I can really feel that 'I exist'. Outside live performances, it's like I don't really know what I'm doing for a living. When I go on stage, I feel "I am in this band", "I'm a member of the GazettE". It's an important place for me. If that place is not there, I won't feel the need to be in the band anymore.

Q: So you aren't a person who's always in 'musician mode'.
REITA: I change to 'musician mode' when I go in public as the GazettE. And there's also a switch which will be activated on live performances. Or rather, outside live performances I'm just an ordinary person. The stage changes me to a musician, and everyone of us has a different face when we go on stage. And that's why I can put my feelings into it.

Q: You've been with the other members for long, but do you still feel something new every time you go on stage?
REITA: I do. Normally, even if we gather, we will only talk about stupid things that aren't even worth saying in an interview. But, once we go on stage, everyone's aura changed drastically. Seeing that, my excitement level also goes up.

Q: That kind of gap is good, I guess.
REITA: I think that kind of gap is important. If I'm in musician mode all the time, my body and mind won't be able to keep up, I might die (laughs).

Translated by Val.

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