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The GazettE Club Zy. personal long interview: RUKI (Part 4 of 4)

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I wanted to make a flow which will keep changing in a long time period. And when we follow that flow, the things that we do at each point of time will be connected to the next.

Q: At present, the GazettE don't follow the usual flow of "releasing an album, then going on a tour, then preparing for the next project", but rather "projecting the things you want to do at each point of time". "And with that the new feelings which were born out of it will be connected to the next (works)", in a positive sense, you guys are creating things for the yet unknown future. Did you intend to do that?
RUKI: Yeah. We wanted to make a flow and adapt to each and every changes that occur in it. And actually, by following that flow, mysteriously, the meaning each and every thing that we do becomes connected to our next works, or rather there is some kind of consistency. For us, being in the GazettE is also, partly, a job-like thing. But, if people ask, "So do you do this out of duty?", it's not like that at all. We keep going forward while remaining faithful the feelings that we want to express.

Q: Do you think about the balance between job and lifework?
RUKI: Over the years, yeah. When I was younger I didn't feel it even the slightest, I didn't even think of it.

Q: But as you grew older, as you bear your music, you also think about a lot of things.
RUKI: As people grow older, they hide negative things or spit them out... I think, it's one or the other. And I guess, there are more people who hide them. When they are still young, they don't have filters in their emotions, so they will end up letting everything out. I was also like that. But actually, comparing to when I was young, there are more painful things now. But even now, I still put (my real feelings) into words..

Q: You purify your feelings by turning them into works.
RUKI: I think so.

Q: So now you're doing your work with the band without having any unnecessary burden.
RUKI: That's right. I'm doing my works with this band with excitement.

Even though both are dark, in 'DIM' it was more like gloomy malice, while in 'DOGMA' there is more aggressiveness. I think there's a big difference.

Q: What kind of album is 'DOGMA' in the eye of the current RUKI-san?
RUKI: As I listen to it many times, if people ask, "Is this your masterpiece?!", then it's not. But I have a strong feeling this is 'the album that is closest to my own life'. It's as if this album is my out-of-body experience (laughs).

Q: That says how much your feelings are reflected in the album.
RUKI: That's right. That's why, even for me, it's (emotionally) heavy. I guess among those who have listened to this album, a lot of people have the impression that "this album really affects me emotionally". That's because this albums wasn't created by aiming to make a dark portray, but rather, it was created by projecting our deep feelings 'seriously'. Before, we released an album titled 'DIM', which marked our transition phase. The darkness that is there in the album is because our mental state was also like that. But even though both are dark, in 'DIM' it was more like gloomy malice, while in 'DOGMA' there is more aggressiveness. I think there's a big difference.

Q: And 'DOGMA' is directly linked to the aggressiveness in your live performances.
RUKI: That's right. 

Q: Starting in September, you will embark on two series of tour, 'the GazettE LIVE TOUR 2015 DOGMATIC -UN-' and 'the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15-16 DOGMATIC -DUE'. I'm excited when I think if (DOGMA) will keep changing.
RUKI: We're also aiming to show this transformation throughout these 2 tours.

Q: In order to be fully immersed in the world of 'DOGMA', do you also need a lot of legs in your tour?
RUKI: It's the related to the talk that we had during 'saiteigi tour'. If we do a tour with 20-30 legs, will everyone be able to get immersed in the world depicted in our album? But in reality, it's difficult. And one reason we did 'saiteigi tour' was so that we could get fully immersed in our work. And for 'DOGMA', an album which took more than a year to make, a 20-legged tour which spans around 2 months definitely won't be enough. And we don't want to proceed to our next work while leaving it half-way. We add more performances and divide the tour into 2 sections and try so that people can get fully immersed in it. And when we proceed to the making of our next work, it's obvious that there will be less opportunity to give live performances, and we can't do anything about it. the GazettE is a band who don't spend all year round touring, or participate in a lot of events, but rather concentrating on short one-man tours. And in order for everyone to be able to get immersed in the world of 'DOGMA', we make the tour longer.

Q: It's right that to some extent many legs are needed (in your tour).
RUKI: I think it's ideal to do it until people become a bit bored of it.

"How to present the feelings that I have at one point of time in an interesting way?" I just let out the things I feel everyday.

Q: Earlier, you said "We don't participate in (many) events". Does it mean that you're not interested?
RUKI: In our case, since the beginning we have been doing our activities around one-man tours rather than events, and that is the main reason, I guess. Even when we participate, in non-visual kei events there are many people who don't know about the existence of the GazettE. In visual kei also, there are events which feature promising indies bands. 'stylish wave' by Hoshiko-san is also one of them. Of course we're interested in appearing in events like that. But when we actually do it, the atmosphere in the backstage will become really awkward. It's not about whether we have good relations (with the other acts) or not, but we will end up taking a lot of things into consideration and it will feel awkward to be there. I wouldn't want to be in the other (junior) position (laughs). But, participating in such events is interesting in itself. While it's not the time for the GazettE to be doing it, personally I enjoy watching such events.

Q: Because the GazettE is also kind of like an object of aspiration (for them)
RUKI: I don't understand that feel at all. Even when senior band musicians say, "I watched you guys" or "I like listening to your music," I will be like "Really?" But it was more like a courtesy (laughs).

Q: the GazettE will keep on "turning their negative feelings and anger and let them out through music" and move forward.
RUKI: for the GazettE, the only way is to keep amplifying the negative feelings. Even though our feelings may change, the sense and style which become our foundation will remain the same. "How to present the feelings that I have at one point of time in an interesting way?" I just let out the things I feel everyday. Our feelings may also change in our next development, and so even if I say this now, it doesn't mean that things will turn out as I say. Maybe I will say something totally different next year. My words and the GazettE's actions are things that can't be predicted (laughs).

Translated by Val.

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