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A9 Vif Special Feature Long Interview (2015.08.10) part 2 of 2

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I don't want to leave behind a feeling of uneasiness, even just a bit (Hiroto)

Q: How long did it take you to compile the songs for this mini album?
Show: We composed two songs at a time. First were 'Phoenix' and 'Ryuuseigun', after that we made 'Doukeshi' and 'Spiegel'. We're currently doing track down for the last two songs 'Freesia no saku basho' and 'Juudan'. We composed the songs aiming at what we need at this time.

Q: In your last album, you mainly recorded at Show's house. What about this time?
Show: Even though I added more equipments at home, I have great compatibility with the engineer, so this time I mainly recorded at his studio. Also, my friend with whom I was in the same band in high school recently opened a recording studio, and when I suggested it to the other members, they go there quite a lot so I'm quite happy.
Hiroto: That place is really good. Yesterday the engineer said, the drum sound is the best you've had til now. I also like the acoustic guitar part I recorded there the most. The interlude in 'Phoenix'.
Nao: There are many reasons for it. First, the instruments are good. And also, here (my skills) I guess! (laughs)
Everyone: (laughs)
Nao: Even if I hit the drums accurately by the beat I didn't get an OK from the engineer. He was strict, like "This is boring. Too accurate" (laughs). Songs like 'Doukeshi' and 'Spiegel' are full of note, and if the drums is fast the drums volume will end up low. He (the engineer) would say, "Hit it more!" (laughs).
Show: It seems he started liking our music after listening to our CD. I really feel that until now we have been supported by people who have emotional attachment to us, and that engineer is one of those people.

Q: By the way, Show-san and Saga-san have the advantage of not having to pay for the studio rent.
Nao: Wait, count me in (laughs) But, I can't get excited unless I have good food (laughs).
Saga: Because we did things everything by ourselves, in a sense we also had to bear all expenses by ourselves. And yet, he (Nao) ate eels (instead).
Nao: Recently when we did recording for the last 2 songs, after I finished recording with one song I was like "Ah, I'm hopeless. I can't play drums unless I eat eels!" But, it was the truth! I couldn't play it the night before and thought, this is bad, will I be able to play tomorrow.
Saga: Even on the day of recording, when it was time for him to record, he said "I can't play this..."And I was like, even if you say that... (laughs)
Nao: I didn't think I would be able to do it unless I eat something first. And when I tried again after eating, ah, I could do it smoothly (laughs).

Q: (laughs) Which song was it?
Nao: It was 'Juudan'. The high-hat parts are really fast.
Saga: Nao uses a lot of money. And so does Hiroto.
Nao: What, I use a lot of money? (laughs)

Q: Nao-san uses (a lot of) money on food, and Hiroto-san on studio rent (laughs).
Hiroto: I used all the time that the other members had given to me.
Saga: Hiroto the demon sergeant.
Show: He won't let any feeling of uneasiness.

Q: Hiroto-san is the type who uses up a lot of time.
Hiroto: I also acknowledge it (laughs). If I see something that makes me uneasy, I won't be able to stop. I know that my personality is such that any uneasiness will linger for a long time, so I want to get rid of them all and not leave any behind.
Saga: We also know that he has that kind of personality, so we just watch over him silently.
Hiroto: Now you just go home without saying anything (laughs).
Show: I call it 'Hiroto time', but I just let him do things freely.
Saga: I'm glad there's only one person with this kind of personality.
Hiroto: If there are three people like this, nothing will get done (laughs).

Q: In this mini album, I get the impression that the guitar parts are complicated.
Saga: The guitars take prominent place now since we didn't use synths.
Hiroto: Actually, it's more complicated than what we've done til now. Since we didn't use synths, I feel that it's my role to fill up the songs, so the guitar parts became more complicated. Now we have no hesitation in our music arranging and we no longer aim for wide range (of audience), so we just turn what we think into music, as is. I've also been searching what it means to have two guitarists and trying things, and I think it took a concrete shape in this mini album.

Q: It seems 'Doukeshi' will be fun in live performances.
Saga: It's the oldest song in this mini album. We performed it in our last fan club live performance. It has no genre, and it's difficult to explain what kind of song it is, or rather I wanted it to be an indescribable song. I think people are drawn towards song which has a mysterious feeling to it.

We're back, just as promised! (Nao)

Q: At present, we still can't listen to the last 2 songs just yet. I heard that there are orchestra parts in 'Freesia no saku basho', and that it is a result of your crowd funding
Show: Of course. Nowadays it's difficult to have this kind of thing (orchestra). Everyone's support has taken a concrete shape.

Q: On twitter, Saga-san wrote, "The song which came to my mind during Asia tour. It's having a hard flight. The only song which will be unnecessarily epic".
Saga: That's right. Last year, it came to my mind during our two weeks in China. We had our videos taken during the tour, and since I wanted to leave a record of it I requested to have the video (of my playing the song) taken.
Nao: Eh?! It's that one?
Show: It's there in our Asia tour DVD.
Saga: Right, it's there in the DVD. Normally you don't see things like this. (in the DVD) you can see the very moment when the song came in to my mind.

Q: It would be interesting to compare the two. And next, the only thing I know about 'Juudan' is that it's a fast song, like what Nao-san said.
Saga: Show-kun brought the demo to me and said, this is quite pop-ish, and requested me make it so that it's well-blended into this mini album, so I made some arrangements.
Show: It became a heavy song.
Saga: Maybe you would think "eh?", but actually I had two motifs in mind (when composing it). First is Stan Hansen arena theme. And, in our previous management office there was a staff whose phone ringtone was the theme song for 'Jingi naki tatakai' (Battle without Honor and Humanity, movie), and I couldn't get it out of my mind, so I tried using the chords (laughs). I was half messing around, but I think it came out really well and I like it.

Q: The title has a profound meaning
Show: It's a song which has 'running' feeling to it, and has a good resolution. It has a positive theme to it, like 'let yourself out'.
Nao: When I saw the title, I thought "Whoa, there's someone he wants to shoot".
Saga: How about having Show shoot the audience for this song's performance? With something like watergun.
Show: Or maybe I should put on goggles and let myself get shot (laughs).

Q: So, the tweet "the new song in which Show would embrace a fan while singing" is..?
Saga: It's 'Juudan'

Q: That's unexpected!
Saga: The image of Show singing while embracing a fan... I really want to see.
Hiroto: Personally, I think he wouldn't embrace her but rather, grab her hair...
Saga: He's a sadist (laughs)
Everyone: (laughs)
Hiroto: I want to see that kind of Show-san
Saga: I want to do some kind of stage act.

Q: It makes me look forward to your performance even more.
Saga: I think Show-san will do it somewhere.
Show: There are quite a number of dates in this tour, so maybe our performances will get bolder as we go.

Q: You will give your 11th anniversary live performance on August 23rd at Toyosu Pit, and start your tour on September 3rd, and again we will make a special feature with you guys. But first, give us a message regarding your upcoming performance.
Nao: We've come back, just as promised! Sorry to have kept you waiting! I want all of you to feel 'ginga no oto' in our live performance. I'll play drums with a smile on my face. I'll be waiting for all of you!
Hiroto: This one year, while doing my individual projects I challenged myself on a lot of things, and the more I did it, the more I wanted this band. Now I'm at my peak, so I hope our fans feel the same and enjoy the performance. I want to take this new giant first step together (with the fans).
Saga: The feelings of the fans who had been waiting for us were conveyed even on twitter. I'm really looking forward to it. 'Ginga no oto' has faster songs than the ones we've made until now, and there are many songs which have 'band' feeling in it, so I want this to be our most hardcore performance. I want this to be a performance where we can burn the fat we've accumulated this one year, have some good sweat and go home with towel wrapped on our neck.
Show: I think we've made our fans anxious by making them wait for one year, and since (the fact that) people have been waiting for us kind of inflated our pride, I want it to explode in this performance. If you can, do come and gather with us, and if you can't make it, do send us your thoughts and feelings. We still want to do this 10-20 more years, do treat us well.

Mail interview with Tora who was absent

Q: If you put this one year into a word, what would it be?
Tora: Maybe 'recharge'. We've absorbed a lot of things in this period and we will let them out. And again, I feel like I have grown.

Q: How was it like to make a song with relay method, 'Spiegel'?
Tora: It was difficult. Especially since my part was to fill in the gaps, so I had to bring everyone's feelings together.

Q: What image did you have when composing 'Ryuuseigun'?
Tora: I composed it while thinking that I want to see everyone's smile soon, like, maybe this is how the people waiting for us would feel.

Q: Tell us the most memorable moment during the making of 'Ginga no oto'.
Tora: I mostly recorded my parts at home, but on the contrary at home I paid more attention to details so I ended up taking a lot of time.

Q: Give us a promotion for 'Ginga no oto' and your enthusiasm for your live performance on August 23rd.
Tora: I think we would be able to show a different us. I hope all of you also turn a new leaf and stick with us.

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Translated by Val. Original interview here.

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