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PS Company Presents 'Kougeki wa Saidai Bougyo Nari' Vif 4 Vocalists Special Interview part 1 of 2

Part 1 | 2

A talk with the vocalists taking part in 'Kougeki wa Saidai Bougyo Nari', 
with Keiyu (Kra), Shin (Vivid), Ren (RAVE), and Ray (the Lotus).

While the excitement for the event 'Kougeki wa Saidai Bougyo Nari' kept increasing, we had a talk with 4 of the vocalists participating in the event. Keiyu (Kra) and Shin (Vivid) who had participated in various PS company events until now, and Ren (RAVE) and Ray (the Lotus), who will be making their appearance for the first time. The event as seen from the eyes of the senpai (seniors) and kouhai (juniors), their respective music, and being a vocalist, they talked about various things openly.

PS Company event, then and now

Q: PS Company has held several events until now. Kra has been participating (in such events) since the 2005 event 'Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005 ~mina sorotte egao de fuck you~' and Vivid Since the 2011 event 'TRIBAL ARIVALL 2011'. Tell us about the charming point of PS Company events.
Keiyuu: Charming point...
Ray and Ren: We want to know!
Keiyu: Eh, I also want to know (laughs)
Shin: It's the feeling of being jumbled together.
Keiyu: That's right. Even though we belong to the same management company, we rarely meet each other, and we rarely participate in the same event too. And so, it started with (the thought of) gathering these bands and doing something together. In the past, I did MC with Miyavi and we sang each other's songs. It's an event where even we as the performers can get new experiences.

Q: You can see it in the DVD
Keiyu: I wore weird stuffs all the time (laughs). 
Shin: I participated in 'TRIBAL ARIVALL TOUR 2011', 'kira kira summer typhoon 2011' and 'Peace & Carnival 2011 Shibuya 7 Days' in which we hijacked Shibuya Koukaidou. (Everyone) was warm in all of them.
Everyone: (laughs)

Q: I didn't expect you to say something like that, Shin-san (laughs).
Shin: Really? People seem to misunderstand me a lot. People rarely talk to me first, and I'm also shy around people. But in this kind of events I can warm up to people quickly.
Keiyu: You came to talk to me in a previous event (laughs). At first I was like, Shin isn't the type to talk a lot, and I don't talk much either, so if I come to him and can't find anything to talk about, what should I do? But he came to me, and asked, "How to do MC?"
Shin: So nostalgic (laughs). That is my eternal theme (to talk about).
Ray: How did you answer that question, Keiyuu-san?
Keiyu: I forgot... maybe some vague answer like, "to each his own". Since I couldn't start a conversation, I was happy that he did it.

Q: I can see why it's a warm event. For RAVE and the Lotus this will be your first event. What impression did you get from past events?
Ray: The one that left the biggest impression on me is 'Peace & Carnival 2011 Shibuya 7 Days'. Bands belonging to the same management company participating in an event, and while showing their own strong points, I feel that they also did it together. It really moved me. There aren't many large-scale events like this.
Ren: I checked the DVDs. I watched the DVD of (PS Company) 10th anniversary at Nippon Budokan around the time I thought about starting a band. I remember that a friend who was also into V-kei showed me the DVD on its release date. And I'm really thankful that I can participate in this kind of event. Had I known about this (participating in a PS Company event) back then, I would've said to that friend, "I will be there" (with a dialect).
Keiyu: Oh, dialect! I'm jealous~

Senpais and Kohais

Q: Being able to perform together with the senpais you saw on DVD is moving.
Shin: I'm still not used to be in the position of a 'senpai' (senior). We never had kouhais (junior) until now, so I had never done things like "I will go eat something together with my kouhais!" I also like my private time.
Keiyu: I can understand (laughs). I too, the first time I got myself a kouhai, I didn't know how to interact with them. If I go with them to eat or drink, I'd have to talk to them about something. But since I didn't know the situation of the kouhais, I didn't know what kind of advice to make. So I thought, "I would go if someone invites me".
Shin: But it's difficult for a kouhai to invite their senpai (laughs).
Keiyu: Ah, I see (laughs). But lately, I've come to understand that (when meeting with kouhais) I should talk about stupid things and not serious things. And since I understand that now, lately (I've been going out with) Reika (bass) from D=out, or Kazuki (guitar) from Screw, or NAOKI-senpai...
Everyone: (laughs)
Ray: It's wonderful that everyone is laughing at this (laughs)
Shin: That's true (laughs). But those people (mentioned by Keiyuu) sure drink a lot.
Keiyu: Yeah. But in this setting, there is no senpai and kouhai anymore. I don't like it when people are like "I'm the senpai here!" Moreover, Reika and Kazuki lose their honorific speech (*TL: Japanese people use honorific speech to talk to their senpai) when drunk, so it's good. I like it better than to be attended to awkwardly.
Ray: As a kouhai, I also don't know what to talk with the senpai. But I think it's good just to be able to talk about something.
Keiyu: Right. Anything is fine. If there is anything that matches, I will learn about it to prepare for next meeting. Before I was like, "I don't understand so it's fine", but lately, since now I've got a lot of kouhais, I think it's such a waste if I can't talk when my kouhais go out of their way to talk to me, like that time with Shin.

Q: Now we know a little about how to get along with Keiyuu-san. What about you, Shin-san?
Shin: I don't know how to interact with my kouhais. It'll be good if we have some similarities.
Ray: I think you shouldn't think too much about it...
Keiyu: Shin tends to think (too much)...
Shin: Yeah.. Maybe I can do things like, going to gym together, playing basketball together, or since I've been learning English lately, if they're also learning we can be like "let's talk in English". Usually vocalists don't go out together. For example, guitarists can talk about their equipments, but vocalists have their own way of singing, and sometimes they get irritated if they're told how to do it.
Keiyu: It's true. Like, I don't understand your sense! (For vocalists), their own body is their instrument, and depending on the people sometimes there is a gap whether their voice goes through mic. Unless they have some common things, or they know each other quite well, it's quite rare for vocalists to go out together.

Inside story of vocalists

Q: So, there's no such thing as like 'guitarists meeting' or 'bassist meeting'.
Ray: It's difficult to do it. And 'vocalists meeting' doesn't exist in the first place, does it?
Keiyu: I went to one lately.
Shin: Eh?? It does exist?
Keiyu: Eijiro-san from BULL ZEICHEN88 holds that kind of event 2-3 times a year, and I'm also included there. There are people from various genres there. And they talk about nothing but stupid things. But it's really interesting, and I have more friends from different genres. They also introduce us, like "He's from this band called kra. Do give a performance with them". It's an event in which all of us are like, "let's give our best!"
Ray: But Keiyu-san, you won't start an event like that, will you?
Keiyu: I don't have any leadership sense... (laughs)

Q: Shin-san, how about you hold one?
Shin: It's totally impossible for me! And also, I can't drink alcohol.
Keiyuu: Right, he can't drink. I also don't drink when live performances are coming.
Ren: I also started doing that.
Shin: I forced myself to drink thinking that (with that) I would be able to warm up with everyone, but I gave up.
Keiyu: Even if you don't drink, if you talk on the same level as the drunk people, they will have the impression that you're a fun guy.
Ren: I see! It'll be good if people think of me as a "good guy".

Q: I wonder what would happen if the four of you go out to drink.
Shin: Maybe it'll be over in an hour.

Q: That's so short!
Keiyu: Maybe we'll just drink little by little, and keep drinking.
Ray: Keiyuu-san, do you drink a lot?
Keiyu: I drink quite a lot. But, even though I don't usually get drunk, sometimes I get so drunk that I don't remember anything. And the next day I would feel so guilty even if I did nothing wrong. Like, why did I drink so much, I didn't do anything bad when I lost my memories did I? That's why lately I'm holding myself when drinking.
Shin: I get drunk just by drinking so litttle.
Ren: I drink a lot. Since I'm from Kyushu. I went (to drink) with another senpai from Kyushu, and when we realized it was already 1 in the afternoon.
Keiyu: And you didn't think it was enough until then?
Ren: Around 9 in the morning we left. And then my senpai was like "I can still drink some more".
Keiyuu: Ah, I see. He's stupid (laughs).
Ray: (laughs) 9 in the morning means, you've gone to like 4 places.

Q: It's something that Shin-san just can't understand.
Shin: But there was a time when I tried my best (in drinking). Obviously I couldn't do it until 1 in the afternoon, but I've been to one until 5 in the morning. But I hated myself who looked so tattered while it was getting bright outside, so I stopped (doing things like that).

Q: I didn't expect the four of you to have such different opinions.
Shin: (Among vocalists) there are many people who has their own world.
Ray: A lot of them prefer talking than listening.
Keiyu: They also don't like to be ordered around (laughs).
Shin: Yeah. And many of them have a lot of pride (laughs).

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Translated by Val. Original interview here

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