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An Cafe Vif Interview (2015.08.20) Part 2 of 2

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We're able to make people think "I'm glad that I went (to your live performance) at once" (Yuuki).

Q: The coupling song for regular type A is your re-recording of 'Smile Ichiban Ii Onna' (An Cafe's 10th single, released in September 2006). What made you decide on rerecording this song now?
Miku: I think that we've got bigger opportunity for people to know about us now that we've gone major. 'Smile Ichiban Ii Onna' is an important song both for us and for our fans, and I want the people who will come to know about An Cafe in the future, to also know about this song. And also, we made this song before takuya and Yuuki joined, so I think this is a good opportunity to re-record the song with the 5 of us.

Q: When I listened to your previously released songs, I got the impression that this song was like your junction point, or rather, your songs changed after this (song).
Miku: Ah, that's right.

Q: I think it's right in the heart of the current An Cafe's style of pop and cheerful songs. And so, I think it's perfect to have this song in your newest single.
Teruki: Our fanbase grew around the time when the song was released. Among the people who had been following us since the beginning, there are those who felt that the song was too pop-ish and that it lacked something. But at the same time, because of this song our fanbase grew instantly. Although we had always been an indie band, from this song onwards we had started having some 'major feel' in our songs. We went past Visual Kei frame and started incorporating cheerful synths.

Q: Although 'Sennen Dive' was composed and written by other people, you can really feel the pop-ish trademark of An Cafe. 
Miku: It's heavy yet pop at the same time. I think it's well-balanced.

Q: What do you think is the strength of An Cafe?
Miku: Maybe our looks? (smiles)
Everyone: (laughs)
Teruki: Even though all of us listen to different kind of music, none of us has narrow sense in music. As a band we do have our musical core, but we are quite open-minded in our thinking.
Yuuki: Sometimes I get this kind of message on twitter. Someone felt insecure in going to An Cafe live performance alone, but she ended up coming and told me, "I'm glad I went (to your live performance). Being able to make people think like that at once is, I think, An Cafe's strength.
Kanon: The voice. When a visual kei song is played outside, sometimes people are like, "This sounds like visual kei, but who is this". But when Miku sings, people are like, "Isn't this An Cafe?", and I think it's a huge factor.
takuya: I can't say it well, but if I say it in one word it would be our pop style. Although there are many pop visual kei nowadays, somehow we are still different.

Like, bang~ don~ (Kanon)

Q: "We Can Do It!" (the coupling song in limited edition single) sounds fun in live performances. Like, towel is a must.
Miku: Ah, in the chorus! Speaking of that, the audience also moved their hands.
Kanon: You're right!
Miku: That might be a good idea! We learned from it.

Q: Using this opportunity, do make towels (laughs). This song was composed by Kanon-san. What kind of image did you have when composing it?
Kanon: A fast song with prominent synth, like a flood of sound. Like, bang~, don~. Even so, I didn't want it to lack melody, and we also had a talk about wanting to make this song fun in live performances, so I included all of them. Also, I thought, "let's be a bit mature", and I tried (including it in the song). So  (I made a part in which) it went quiet in an instant, which became the hook, and then suddenly goes bang~ in the chorus.

Q: Kanon-san, you use a lot of onomatopeia (laughs).
Everyone: (laughs)

Q: Although it's a straightforward message song, there are some parts in the lyric is which can be linked to 'Sennen Dive'. Is it a coincidence?
Miku: You're right! But that is a coincidence. I just wrote what I felt when I listened to the song and what I thought at that time. And since we went major, it's also something that I wrote for myself and other An Cafe members. When I was researching as to why "We can do it" is so widely used now, it turns out it was a slogan in the US in 1942. Like, let's increase our will to work. Since we've gone major, I think it's time for us to increase our will too.

Q: I see. "Seikai no hitotsu dake no nukumori" (coupling song in Musing version) is, based on the content of the lyric, a straightforward wedding song. Teruki-san, what was on your mind when composing this song?
Teruki: Our major debut was both a turning point and a new start for us. We've undergone member change and hiatus before, and I guess there were times when we made our fans cry. It may be my selfishness, but I'm cherishing our fans. And I thought it would be great if I could turn that feeling into a song. Inside of me, I had this image of singing it for our fans in our performance at Yaon on September 6th.

Q: Usually, do the composers tell about the image of the song to Miku-san?
Teruki: No, we don't. At first, Miku-kun wrote a different kind of lyric. But through discussion Twith Onagawa (Takahiro) san, it changed. At first I had a small talk with Miku-kun (about the song). I said, if we go along with this direction, won't it become something like a wedding song?

Q: Miku-san, did you include personal experience in the lyric?
Miku: To be honest, it's purely my own sensibility. I don't like to tell lies, and don't want to just write lip service. I imagined the feeling of the person in 'sekai no hitotsu dake no nukumori', and wrote as if I was the one getting married.

Q: Was the line "wakareru toki ni 'ato gofun' tte dada koneta eki no ho-mu" (When we were going to go our own ways, the station platform threw a tantrum, "5 more minutes") based on personal experience?
Miku: I had it all the time when I was in relationship. "Let's wait 5 more minutes (before we go separate)". "Ah, it's already been 5 minutes. Let's wait 5 more minutes". Something like that (laughs).
Everyone: (laughs).
Teruki: I think I've had a memory of this when I was 12 years old

Q: Faint memories got revived.
Teruki: Yeah..
takuya: I think I've had that kind of feeling too..
Miku: Eh? What do you guys mean? Now you just go your own way directly? Or rather, "It's past the last train so let's drink until morning" ?
takuya: No, no, no. It's not like that (laughs)
Miku: Clearly, like "See you tomorrow, then" ?
takuya: Yeah, like that (laughs).
Kanon: Before, there were times I didn't go to my part-time job because of this.
Everyone: (laughs)
Kanon: There are times when people (fall in love) that deeply
Miku: True, true~
Yuuki: For me, it was also the image of "Let's wait for the next train", when I was a student.

The An Cafe which had gone up one or two levels (Teruki)

Q: I heard the MV was shot in Okinawa. Right now it's not out yet, but do tell us about it.
Miku: I wanted to include something in the PV, so I practiced spinning my mic. I appealed (to the producer) by doing it in front of the camera, and I thought I'd be happy if they use it in the MV even if just for a moment.
Teruki: When they shot kanon-san's solo up close, his make up came off (laughs).
Kanon: It gave me a cold sweat (laughs).
Kanon: In this MV we used a foreign car, and there's a scene where we went side by side (with other car). I'm looking forward to how hollywood-like this MV will be.
Teruki: On the first day of shooting we only did the pool performance scene and image scenes. I became so sweaty that I just wanted to jump into the pool as soon as possible. At the very end of that day they took a scene of us jumping into the pool, and I bet I must be looking very happy in that scene (laughs). Even after jumping into the pool, I just kept swimming without any reason (laughs).
takuya: Yuuki-san was the one driving the foreign car, and he looked really cool. You should check it out.
Yuuki: I think my face was so serious there (laughs). The scenery was really good. And also, the person who lent the car said, "The 5 of you looked really cool on that car!" so I can't wait to see the MV.

Q: Lastly, tell us about your enthusiasm towards your Hibiya Yaon live performance as well as message for Vif readers.
Kanon: We want to show the things we learned from our summer tour as well as our new single in a big scale. It's going to be an awesome performance, so do come. And also, do listen to 'Sennen DIVE!!"
Yuuki: We want to make a live performance which gives a summer vibe to it, and I hope you are looking forward to it. Our live performance can be enjoyed even alone, so do come.
takuya: This will be our first big live performance after going major, so I'm going to put my all into it. I think it's going to be a great live, so do look forward to it. Also, do listen to 'Sennen DIVE!!" even just once.
Miku: This will be our first live performance after going major, so it will also be a start for us. I want it to be a live performance which can be engraved into An Cafe's history. To the readers, if you have interest (in us), do try our CD and our live performance, it will give us a boost in confidence. Thank you.
Teruki: We've been working in a new environment since April, and we've been getting a lot of stimulus including in our music. Both with summer tour and release of our new single, we have learned so much and we will also keep trying new things. Our live performance on September 6th will be the climax, so I'm sure you'll be able to see the An Cafe which had gone up one or two levels. I will be happy if even one more person come to our live performance. An Cafe's songs are pop-ish and easy listening, but we have a uniqueness which will leave you addicted, so do listen to our songs.

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Translated by val. Original interview here.

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