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PS Company Presents 'Kougeki wa Saidai Bougyo Nari' Vif 4 Vocalists Special Interview part 2 of 2

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Second part of the 4 vocalists interview series!
Still with Keiyu (Kra), Shin (ViViD), Ren (RAVE), and Ray (the Lotus)

Continuing from the first part, they will talk about their point of view on a lot of things. Sometimes seriously, sometimes openly. They will also talk about their band's charming points, as well as their strategy for their first Hibiya  Yagai Ongakudou live performance as a vocalist.

Band's inside story ~4-piece band~

Q: In this event various bands will meet at one place. Tell me your impression of other bands (participating in the event).
Shin: All 4 members of Kra have unique personalities. I've never been in a 4-piece band before, but I think it's a good formation. (Kra) has a good concept image. Watching their performance, they feel different, and I learn a lot from them. Yasuno-san (dr) is exceptionally good. He always give smiles.

Q: Does Yasuno-san let out such a soothing aura?
Keiyu: Nah, it's not a soothing aura.
Shin: No, it isn't... But I like Yasuno-san who is like, "The lighting is hitting my drumsticks, so can you change the position?". When I went on a tour with them, I thought, "He's so particular about small things! Amazing!"
Keiyu: Ah, that is during the rehearsal, not on the performance itself (laughs). But he said that after the person in charge finalised the positioning of the lighting. I was like, "You say that NOW?" The people in my band often do this kind of surprising things. Well, it's good if you think of it as having unique personalities, but everyone (in our band) only follows their own path.
Shin: The four of you are like divided into 2 yin and yangs. Ah, but Yura-san (ba) is a bit different. When you talk with him, it's like he talks with you while thinking of something else.
Keiyu: I also feel that. That guy, when he talks to someone, it's like he has something else in mind. And sometimes he smirks. 
Shin: Sometimes I feel that he really wants to talk about something else.
Keiyu: I don't know if he wants to hide it, or just doesn't want to talk it at first, but in the end he (always) ends up saying it. His face can't lie, and he can't hide things (from us). (Since we have 4 people in the band) we can't have a majority rule, so our meetings take a long time. If there's one more person, he would pick a side and then we would have a majority. Moreover, in our band, for example if I'm having a discussion with Taizo (gt), it's still good if the other 2 participate (in the discussion), but instead they act like it's not their concern and in the end it would be only the two of us talking. If there's one more person maybe he would join our discussion. And also, on live performances, when the members gather at the centre of the stage, it's really lonely with only 3 people. And even if the 3 of us do gather at the centre of the stage, there's a very flashy guy playing the drums at the back. Sometimes I'm like " (Yasuno) ,Think about us sometimes!!"
Shin: Because Yasuno-san is tall.. (laughs)
Keiyu: And that's why when I see a 5-piece band, I'll be like "5-piece is good".
Shin: But because you "want to add more people", in Tequila Tokyo suddenly there are so many people.
Keiyu: Yeah, there are 10 people there. And sometimes we don't let Yasuno play the drums (in Tequila Tokyo, Yasuno is known as 'Nishida in the sky' and both plays drums and does performances). 
Ray: I saw (Tequila Tokyo). He (Yasuno) dances as well.
Keiyu: That's right. I was like, if you want to stand out, then go in front. It's our kindness (towards him). But because we have 10 members I'm still thinking what to do for the event.

Band's inside story ~5-piece band~

Q: What about ViViD, which is a 5-piece band?
Keiyu: It looks like Shin is doing his best.
Shin: Somehow it sounds quite sad.
Keiyu: That's not what I mean! (laughs) Like our band, ViViD's members also have unique personalities. And from my point of view as a vocalist, it's like you're doing your best in bringing them together. It's like you're really doing your job as a vocalist, that's the kind of impression I have.
Shin: But I gave up on that (trying to bring the band together) lately.
Keiyu: Eh? You gave up?! You should've told me earlier!
Everyone: (laughs)
Shin: I'm sorry. I thought of doing it like Kra.
Ray: And how do you find it?
Shin: It's not stressful. If the vocalist tries to take the balance, the other members would try to do things they like. That's why I thought, it's enough! and now I'm doing my best not to do it (trying to bring the band together). And instead, I'm trying to show my own view.

Q: In the event we will see Shin-san who's trying his best not to try his best.
Shin: That's right. Moreover, our band isn't 5 but rather 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. I hope you'll enjoy this 'impossible' feeling in our band.
Keiyu: That means there are 5 colours in your band.
Shin: That's right. Everyone has different colour, so it's going to be fun.
Keiyu: (ViViD) is a band whose personalities are easy to see.
Shin: Exactly. After we announced our disbandment, it's like it had taken a load off my mind. And so, we want to face our fans and also return the favour to the company which has supported us until now. This event will be our last duty, so I want to give my all. (We'll show) the ViViD that you can only see now.
Keiyu: We're going to see the new Shin whom we had never seen until now.
Shin: Maybe the Shin that Keiyu-san now isn't there anymore.
Keiyu:... You went that far?
Shin: (laughs). Of course my personality and stuffs don't change. Of course I'm looking forward to everyone's stage performance and being on the same stage with everyone.
Keiyu: I'm looking forward to April 5th!

Q: Well then, tell us the charm points of RAVE and the Lotus.
Ren: We joined PS company around the same time. And since we've been to a couple of events together, we see each other's performances quite often.
Ray: I think (RAVE and the Lotus) are really opposites. From our point of view, it's like "RAVE is such a free band!". And we often talk about it.
Ren: And I guess it's because we're opposites that we want to perform together. Because they have what we don't. And 3 days ago I said to Ray-san, "We also want to make this kind of song".
Ray: That's right (laughs). But I think RAVE's stage has a special feel to it because Ren-kun makes it exciting.
Ren: That's because I like to move around energetically on stage. But Ray-san is just by standing on stage. He's so smart looking, I envy him.

Q: Ray-san and Ren-san, you started your band while watching these 2 senpais.
Keiyu: You did?
Ray & Ren: Of course!
Ren: I've been following you since your band gained fame.
Shin: Before this, Iori-kun (the Lotus / drums) told me that he chose to be in the band because he saw ViViD. I'm so happy. Lately there have been many people who said that.
Ren: I downloaded ViViD's truetone (*kind of phone ringtone)
Ray: I remember buying your CD.

Event Strategy

Q: It seems interesting having your 4 bands in the line-up, but actually there will be 12 bands in total. And looks like everyone has their own personalities.
Keiyu: That's right. And it's full of crazy people (laughs). Of course this is a compliment. If a vocalist is not weird, he won't be able to continue in the band. If he has 'normal' sense he might be overthrown by other members.
Everyone: (nods)
Keiyu: I think it's perfect when the other members say, "I never understand the things he says". D=out, SCREW, BORN, everyone of them are different from normal people.

Q: Lastly, tell us your excitement for the event.
Keiyu: This time, we have a lot of bands in the lineup, and moreover, we had meetings, and decided who's in charge of PR or design. Until now the bands never got involved this much, but it'll be different in this event. And that's why we'll be able to do many more things and have many more ideas. Do look forward to it.
Shin: Everyone there is a comrade, but we also bring our own will and fight, so I think it's going to be a lot of fun. ViViD won't lose to anyone. Our "What is this shit!" or "Damn it" mentality is powerful. And also, every band here has their own colour, so I hope you can get kind of like a theme-park feeling in this event.
Ren: It's no use thinking of too many things, so RAVE will do things freely. And also, there will be things other than live performances on that day, so I hope you will enjoy it more than Disneyland! (laughs)
Ray: I want you to see how it will be like if feelings from a lot of people get mixed together. Every band has their own colour, but I think each of them will change when they're mixed together. So do look forward to it.

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Translated by Val. Original interview here

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