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Screw Vif Interview (2015.08.13) Part 2 of 2

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I felt uneasy about the abnormality (Manabu)

Q: While Jin-san's song 'AENESTHESIA' has heavy side to it, the 'kiesouna kanjou ga mada atatakai' part in the chorus is so beautiful. I was surprised by the gap.
Jin: In the preview only the chorus was shown, and so a lot of people thought it was a ballad song. I think we surprised them when we performed the full song on our pre-release live performance. In a good way, we betrayed their expectation. I think this song has more feelings than the one I made for 'konsui'.
Manabu: I got the impression that Jin's other song, 'NO PAIN NO GAIN' was very straightforward during the demo stage, so I wanted to include a different part in it. I wanted to add something in the ending. I also got the impression that the song is kind of weird. If you see the details there are abnormality in it.

Q: Abnormality?
Manabu: In music, there is where you deliberately make things offbeat. Personally I feel a sense of discomfort, like I got a new sensation. And so, I felt uneasy about this abnormality.

Q: Did you also feel that, Kazuki-san?
Kazuki: No, not at all. I thought it has many layers of melody, and also the right placing of syncopation. 
Manabu: Maybe it's just me.
Kazuki: We received it differently (laughs). This song is quite straightforward, so it's interesting to play it. It's easy to create groove in this song, and on rehearsals this song also had this sense of coordination the most. For this song, again I dropped my tuning by a half. And along with that I also changed my guitar. It can go up to drop A (tuning where the 6th string lowered by 3 1/2, and 5th string lowered by 2 1/2 notes) tuning. I used drop A tuning in 'BREAK AWAY', 'NO PAIN NO GAIN', AND 'ANAESTHESIA'. I changed the riff in the intro of 'NO PAIN NO GAIN' and instead used a phrase that I normally wouldn't play. It felt like adding something to my repertoire, so it was interesting. I did the same with 'BREAK AWAY', so the rockish parts in the song became more rockish, and the delicate parts in the song became more delicate. I tried a lot of new things for this mini album. 

I want everyone to enjoy the deep world (of these mini albums) (Jin)

Q: As said earlier, Kazuki's song 'RAY OF LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS' is connected to 'REMEMBER ME' in 'konsui'.
Kazuki: That's right. Originally I wanted to make an answer song to 'REMEMBER ME'. But halfway into it, the direction changed. 'REMEMBER ME' focuses on piano and acoustic guitar, while 'RAY OF LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS' focuses on the band and orchestra, and so the scope has become wider. I got this idea from the image of 'awakening' (kakusei) I had. We used live orchestra and bass for this song. I think it's a suitable song to bring 'kakusei' to a finish.

Q: The melody of the violin left a long-lasting impression.
Kazuki: I made it so that the guitar tapping and the violin were in unison. So that people won't know which song is which. And in the end I put a trailing note, so it feels like it ends cleanly, but then suddenly gets cut by a digital sound.
Jin: The drum part was quite simple, but since I used clash cymbal it sounded loud. But I had the impression that it was cold. It was a strange feeling, as if I had become a machine and played the drums. In this song Kazuki told me in detail about my playing and phrases, like "I want it to be like this". 
Kazuki: Until now I just let Jin do it, but for this song I wanted to put my preferences. I didn't want to change the image I had for the demo stage. As a result, my intention was reflected in the song and I was satisfied.
Manabu: In this song Kazuki's guitar is blended with the string, so I 'fought' with the vocal melody. We had Byou sang the melody first so it was easier for me. Usually, if temporary piano melody is there instead (of Byou's vocals in the beginning), and I play guitar according to it, sometimes I can't grasp the nuance, or the resulting image is different. But, in this song I played my guitar with Byou's singing so it was easy to grasp the nuance. But during the making of this song, I didn't meet Byou-kun at all, only his voice is there in my room... (laughs).

Q: That's quite a weird feeling (laughs). By the way, is the lyric 'shinda hibi to wakareyou' (let's part with the dead days) a symbolism for 'awakening' (kakusei)?
Byou: It's a series so I inlcuded both 'kakusei' and 'konsui'. I felt so many things so it was difficult to put it into a line, but it's full of hope, and the feeling to forget the past. It's scary. It sounds plain and light, and it gets repeated in the last chorus. It became like a mantra. It has the message of not wanting to go back to the 'deep slumber' (konsui) world.

Q: You will go on 'konsuisei kakuseishou' tour for these two mini albums starting September.
Kazuki: I hope you can see the world of both 'konsui' and 'kakusei', which will be the central theme for this tour.
Manabu: The songs in these 2 mini albums are easy to put in live, and it's our first one-man tour since we became a 4-piece band, so I'm really excited.
Byou: When we made 'kakusei' I couldn't imagine the end result. But when it was finished, I think it's a deep mini album, full of substances. I feel as sense of achievement. Moreover, when we performed it on pre-release live performances, I think the songs are much cooler live. I hope, by giving live performances with this mini album as a central theme, we will be able to convey why even after becoming a 4-piece member we didn't disband or go on hiatus, but instead keep doing our activities.
Jin: This mini album has a lot of substance, and it also has a deep world which I hope everyone will enjoy. But rather than thinking too much about the meaning of this mini album, I hope we will have more core fans who think about the meaning, but also enjoy the songs, and think "Screw has become a deep band".

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Translated by Val. Original interview here.

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